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We Don't Just Blend Our Spices Together... We Grind  Them

Peppercorn * Herbs * Spices

Custom Ground Seasonings 
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Create your own custom blend
in our Fuzion Lab by choosing from:
* 5 Different Containers & Gift Boxes
* 4 Different Peppercorns
* 24 Herbs & Spices
* 6 Flavored Salts

You're gonna' love your creation!

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Custom blends designed by our customers!

Other PepperFuzion Products

For RV's, backpacks, even wallets or purses..so you can take your favorite blends everywhere!

Formulated for beef, pork, chicken, fish & more with smoked salts or pink Himalayan!

Blends formulated for your most common grub like mac & cheese, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken salad & more!

With 4 Peppercorns & 24 herbs/ spices, & 6 flavored salts,
you can create your own blends & customize the label!

Discover blends for specific foods, such as French, Asian, Greek, & more!

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to reorder blends or locate matching recipes!

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PepperFuzion creates premium blends of high quality ground pepper fuzed together with a growing selection of herbs and spices packed for cooking, table seasoning, or even on the go!

Gift Cards Now Available! 

What an awesome gift to allow someone the experience of Fuzing together their own custom pepper, spices, and herbs, and then to choose a custom label design specific to their personality or event.

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