PepperFuzion creates premium blends of high quality ground pepper fuzed together with a growing selection of herbs and spices packed for cooking, table seasoning, or even on the go!

What we do

We provide premium ground pepper blends
that magnify your food.

Obviously, an array of spices adds to the joy of cooking but it's really convenient to just have a blended pepper right next to your food, so you can add some flavor and move on. Simplifying the process of enhancing meals with these flavors, is our purpose.  With PepperFuzion, you can blend fresh ground pepper and two other herbs or spices to apply great seasoning using just a single sprinkle. 

Our jars are also labeled with a QR Code so you can find easy, healthy recipes to make with your favorite blends. But realize that PepperFuzion can be used anywhere, in fact discovering new foods to add these seasonings to is half the fun!

We also allow you to create your own
custom pepper blends and
make your own custom labels!

Fuze Your Custom Blend

Black Peppercorn

Step 1: Choose a Peppercorn
Choose from 1 of 4 peppercorns... Black, White, Green, or Pink.
And remember...

Peppercorn is your foundation!

Bay Leaves

Step 2: Choose Accent Spice
One of 24 accent spices/ herbs is usually a milder spice that will prop up the impact spice...

Be creative and speak to your theme!

Cinnamon Stick

Step 3: Select Impact Spice
This is usually the choice that will be most pronounced in your blend.
Match it to your blend's theme...

Be bold and try something daring!

Best Friends

Step 4: Upload your own image 
or choose one of ours.
Personalize for weddings, newborn announcements, employee appreciation, and more!

"Best Friends"

Step 5: Create a custom name
based on your blend, the recipient of your gift, or whatever adds some spice to the overall presentation of your custom pepper blend!

"You put the spice
in my life!"

Step 6: Add your own quote
to express your heart, proclaim your intentions, or show your appreciation.
The choice is yours every time!


Container Jare
Pepper Blend
Pepper Blend Refill

Then we'll ship your PepperFuzion
 in one of our designer boxes.

Pepper Blend Jar Box
Pepper Blend Refill Box

How to get started Fuzing your own custom blend...

Step 1

Enter the Fuzion Lab to begin blending your custom pepper combination. With a choice of peppercorns, black, white, and green, you can decide on the kind of intensity you want from your pepper flavor. To view an instruction video, Click Here.

Step 2

Then choose a combination you think might work well together from our palette of 24 herbs and spices. (Note: Pepper mixtures are subtle, so even uncommon combinations like Cinnamon-Garlic or Paprika-Dill become new possibilities in your kitchen.)

Step 3

Next decide how you want your PepperFuzion packaged. Whether it's one of our pinch-friendly jars, a simple bag so you can refill existing jars, or a personal packet.

step 4

Each label will be dynamically created during production to reflect the uniqueness of your blend. Upload any image you want added to the label to reflect the title and quote you put on the label.

step 5

*Optional: Subscribe your fuzed blend to a replenishment schedule for ongoing replenishment. 


With automated reorders and an easy way to customize your own pepper blends, it's simple and exciting to keep your favorite seasoning on hand. It's also a great way to always have a gift ready to give someone else!


Our pepper containers are uniquely decorated with your choice of art inspirational quotes or scripture, and a unique name for each pepper spice combination. Perfect for weddings, employee appreciation, baby announcements, birthdays and more!


Once you get used to having these flavors always at the ready while cooking or eating, you'll enjoy livening up your food more often. It's easy to dip in and sprinkle on some great flavor, made just the way you like it!

Replenish the Shelves

Registering for our "Replenish the Shelves" subscription program allows us to refill your custom blends each month.

Simply "Subscribe" during checkout.

All blends are are discounted 25%
when you subscribe!

Behind the Blend Stories

Spicier Than You Thought

More than just a spice brand PepperFuzion is a community of athletes, chefs, and home-makers who enjoy the countless benefits of preparing and eating good food.

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Gift Cards Now Available! 

What an awesome gift to allow someone the experience of Fuzing together their own custom pepper, spices, and herbs, and then to choose a custom label design specific to their personality or event.

The holiday gift that keeps on giving!!!

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