In our Fuzion Lab...
Create Your Own Pepper Blend  
Your Way! 

 Choose from  24 Spices & Herbs, and 4 Peppercorns to blend thousands of possibilities!

Choose between these containers:

* Refill Bag (3 oz)

* Shaker Jar (30 grams)

* Rub Jar (3 oz)
* Personal Packets (10 packets)

What If You Could Fix This Problem
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Add More Flavor To Food

We don't typically sprinkle herbs and spices on our food, but when they're fuzed with pepper, they take on a whole new form and can be used everywhere!

Discover New Flavors 

Pepper when fuzed with herbs & spices creates something special. It creates a whole new palette of flavors when added to your favorite foods, coloring them in a way that is tasty and exciting! 

Personalized Expression

When you create a custom blend specifically for someone, you're sharing an emotional expression that engage all five senses that says more than the best greeting card ever could!


Over 4500 Combinations

If you were to try a new blend every month, over a 120 year lifespan, you still wouldn't be able to get through all we have to offer! 


Personalized Containers

Creating your own blend is only part of the equation of  a personalized experience. When you purchase a custom blend, you also get to personalize the label on your jar with a custom image, your own blend name and a quote to further extend its persona. 

Perfect for weddings, baby showers, employee appreciation, awards, anniversaries, Christmas gifts, Valentines Day, client and prospect relationships, and just about any occasion where you would typically offer a greeting card! 


Monthly Refills

Once you've decided on your favorite blend, you can schedule monthly deliveries with a dashboard portal to manage your orders!

Imagine Your Client, Friend, Lover, or Prospect...

Thinking of you every time they look at the jar their PepperFuzion blend is packaged in, as it sits on their counter day after day. Or every time they satisfy themselves with their favorite food with that hint of your relationship sprinkled upon it. Imagine the deep bond that can come from the aroma that binds you together in the blend you choose for them. 

PepperFuzion is tasty, fun, and unique, 
and what it can do to connect two people together
is indescribable but...