Our ground pepper blends can be used to promote your winery!

If you own a winery, you know selling is critical but tiring. What if there was a way to increase sales without selling?

Introducing PepperFuzion Flavor Marketing where you get your own branded collection of ground pepper and herb blends formulated to compliment your wines, so your patrons can "pair" their wine with various flavors right at the table. It adds to their wine-tasting experience while also produces additional revenue.

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Consider the Advantages of PepperFuzion

over regular pepper

Fresh Ground Blends

Our blends are made with high quality US sourced peppercorns, spices, and herbs, freshly ground in our commercial kitchen to preserve their flavor. Also, by grinding them together their flavors are "fuzed" together for a wonderful culinary effect!

QR Codes & NFC

By adding QR codes to each shaker jar, we provide your customers a way to visit any URL. NFC strategies available as well. From  contests and games, to promoting specials, PepperFuzion provides non-invasive engagement right at the table!

Private Labeling

Imagine having your own custom blended seasonings on the table promoting your brand, that you can also sell from our web store without having to ever carry inventory.  We can even put your customers on subscription!

Fresh Ground Blends
"Fuzion" is the difference!

Most seasonings on the market are blended together to create unique flavors.  Instead of just blending, PepperFuzion grinds together our peppercorns, herbs & spices to release their flavor and then bind them together. What ends up happening is a new flavor emerges, one that's a culmination of the grind. In addition, these grinds interact with every food type in a unique and signatory way.

 PepperFuzion grinds are akin to a fine wine that is layered with sensations, flavor, and dare we call it... emotional responses. 

QR Codes
Connect with their tastes

We offer a QR Code on each blend label to allow you to link your customer back to the promotional page of your choice, to your app or your website. 

This creates a powerful relationship between
their senses and your offerings. 

Don't have anything to connect them to? We can help with that as well, with our team of digital designers and "flavor marketing" strategies, we are confident we can help design an ideal campaign for your business.

Private Labeling
Your own flavors & labeling

PepperFuzion was originally designed to allow customers to do what no other company offers, and that is the ability to order custom grinds based on our selection of 4 peppercorns (black, white, green, and pink) and 24 herbs and spices. And we've recently added Smoked Apple Salt, Hickory, Cherry, and Pink Himalayan for creating meat rubs and other grinds.

From designing your own grind one at a time on our retail site or extending that capacity to our wholesale customers so they customize their labels and grinds to coincide with their own objectives, we provide the ability for you to supply your own private label seasonings. These grinds can be purchased by your customers directly from our site through your own landing page, so you never manage inventory or shipping, etc. You just enjoy an additional revenue stream!

What Drives Us...

We crafted PepperFuzion around two lifetimes of service to various industries. 

William "Ralph" Swinney has spent over 30 years in various capacities of food production, including insightful time with Proctor & Gamble. It's his expertise and mechanical ingenuity that has allowed us to competently design a production process that leverages efficiency and viability. 

James Craddock is a published author of many of the concepts that drive the unique positioning found in PepperFuzion's platform. 

Together, their vision is to offer a product line of compelling ground pepper blends that cater to making it easy to elevate the flavor of food, at the table or in the kitchen. While also creating unique and custom opportunities for their customers to leverage today's technology mingled with the age old infatuation we all have around cooking with pepper, herbs and spices.

James Craddock
William "Ralph" Swinney

CoFounders of PepperFuzion

Platform Resources Available

At no additional charge, your customers can have access to these aspects of our platform
and arrangements can be made to fully integrate your brand.

Membership Site

Our membership site offers cooking tips and resources from vendor partners, recipes, as well as nutrition and fitness resources that can be both sponsored by your business and integrated with your content.

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows our customers to access our platform and can also be both sponsored by your business and integrated with your content.

Each of these platform extensions provide contact points for your brand to gain additional exposure and engagement.

Your Own Landing Page(s)

We can design a landing page on our platform with a chosen domain name that showcases your private label products or any other aspect of your business you wish to promote. And with a co-op advertising arrangement, you can benefit from our traffic driving efforts and strategies.

3o gram Shaker Jars

Salt and pepper are on just about every table, and with private labeling, our shaker jar makes it possible to showcase your brand every time your customer eats.

Want a custom jar? 
We can do that!

3 ounce Rub Jars 

Our 3 ounce rub jars ship with the PepperFuzion grind sealed in a plastic bag to maintain freshness. These also offer a perfect opportunity to include marketing materials to your customers. Want us to ship in your own box?
No problem!

Personal Packets

Our personal packets offer a great way to take PepperFuzion on the road. Keeping you front of mind while customers are away from home. 

Want your logo printed on the packets?

Sure thing!

Are you interested in how PepperFuzion can help your winery benefit from this "tasteful" approach to customer engagement?

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