PepperFuzion is a business model built on service. We love to inspire and support nonprofits, and we strive to make our products exciting and profitable fundraisers for your organization.  

Here's how:

1.) We provide you with everything you need to be successful with our products
     a.) Custom Marketing Strategy & Content Assets
     b.) Generous Commissions or Markup 
     c.) Your Own Branded Webpage
     d.) Automated Commission Payouts or Retail Model
     e.) Fundraising Calendar & Support Program
     f.)  Unique & Customizable Products
     g.) Value-Added Membership Site with Recipes, Lifestyle Programs, and Health Resources
     h.) Orders can be processed when taken and do not require a pre-ordered stocking package
     i.) ...and More!

We work with you to design a custom program that meets your needs and capitalizes on your organizational strengths.

2.) Our products are COVID-19 safe and targeted at those who are spending more time at home.

     a.) Our production process is 100% isolated from direct human interaction.
     b.) Those who spend more time eating at home are ideal customers for wanting to use PepperFuzion on their meals.
     c.) Our "Fuzion Fresh" product is actually specific to COVID-19, in that it offers a way to freshen up the masks worn to isolate
           us from the virus. These products are made from the same spices and herbs we use in all of our products.

3.) Our products are customizable to reflect your organization's branding and messaging.
     a.) You will be able to specify your own logo, blend name, and a quote
     b.) We customize your landing page with your brand
     c.) We can also create a special section in our membership site to support your clientele specifically.
     d.) We will help you design your campaign and create stickers or additional media assets to promote your cause.

We want to partner with you!