Pillar of Strength

Blend Recipe:

Black Pepper
Lemon Peel

This blend was designed to brag on the young lady in the image at the top of this post. Juanita Robbins is a dear 94 year old saint who seems to not only know everyone in town, but is somehow related or connected to them. 

Born at home, in Beaver Oklahoma, with a doctor from Liberal, Kansas. Because the doctor didn't record her birth, she doesn't have a birth certificate. She got her social security number by having a marriage license.

She moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas in a covered wagon, when she was 6 with her with 4 of her siblings and Mom and Dad and then they had 3 more kids in Arkansas. She was 18 when she left Arkansas in 1943 to come to Washington on a bus. It took about a month to get across.

She always wished they had a camera but she never could have afforded it, or the film for it. After she had gotten married in June. She moved to a small town in north-central Washington in March for $15 on a Greyhound bus.

She has a brother in Chicago and a sister in Brewster. Juanita was the second oldest of 8 and is now the oldest, since only 3 are left alive. 5 brothers, and 3 girls. Her living brother is younger. He's 80 now. Lou Ella is in Brewster and 85 years old. (Nine years younger than Juanita.) Ray is her brother's name. He is an Evangelist and went to a theology school in Seattle.

He used to be an evangelist to the Philippines. Married a girl from the Phillipines and then moved to Chicago and 4 children. The Phillipino kids cried when he left. The kids were so poor, their ribs showed through. He hasn't preached since he retired. They are supposed to come out for Juanita's birthday. Juanita heard him preach once in a little church in Brewster, she says he was quite a talker. 

So you see, Juanita has lived a good long time with many relationships and fine connections to her credit. She continues to crochet and knit everyday, cooking and canning when she's able. At 94 years old, she's an inspiration to anyone who wonders about the secret to longevity. The answer is unabated vigor! Hence the quote on the blend... 

"The beauty of vitality lives in the heart of longevity."

This blend was created specifically for Juanita because she loves Sage, and is now carried in IGA grocery stores in honor of her spunk!


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