613 Pages to Help You Lose Weight, Increase Strength, & Manifest Vitality

The Fuzion Fit Megabook is a complete program with recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, cooking tips & resources, and a plan to lose weight, build lean muscle mass, and perform at a higher level than you ever thought possible!

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This is a comprehensive book that doubles as a resource manual
to refer to over and over again for recipes, tips, and inspiration.

Backed up with a membership site that is ever-growing and expanding to offer
even more recipes and workouts, inspiration, tips for cooking, and more. 

Fuzion Fit is a Gift

PepperFuzion is a company that allows you to create your own ground pepper blends mingled with your choice of herbs and spices.

Why? Because pepper is good for you, especially when it tastes and smells so amazing, as our blends do. So to provide resources to help you with the other facets of healthy living, we offer an infrastructure of advice, insights, programs, recipes, and more as part of you being a member of our Fuzioneer family.

Benefits of "Fuzion Fit" Megabook & Membership Site

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating can entirely change your relationship with food, motivating you towards better decisions and more empowering food choices!

Low Carb/ Hi Protein Recipes

Trying to count calories and becoming a food nerd only goes so far, it's better to just cook and eat from healthy recipes that are easy to follow and fun to serve!

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

Eating healthy isn't the only leverage you have over weight gain. Our tips and Resources will teach you the power of understanding cause and effect, in a very practical way! 

The Closer to the Bone, the Sweeter the Meat

Not only is a lean body more flexible and stronger, but it's the foundation for a lean muscle frame. Our workout programs will take you from couch to ouch... meaning: smokin' hot to the touch!

“If you fail to plan, you are just planning to fail... 
But Plan to Succeed and succeed you will, indeed!”

Our recipes are simple and fresh, while being healthy and delicious

Seriously, how can you go wrong with dishes like Thai Basil Beef, or desserts that sound as good as they taste: Lemon Bread with Strawberries and Cream Swirl, and snacks that beg you to make them: Peanut Butter Energy Balls

let us give you the guidance and inspiration you are looking for

These programs not only concentrate on what you eat or the workouts you perform, but they are packed with insider attitudes that peak performers use to overcome their own limitations. It may be 80% perspiration that leads you to success, but if Paretto was right,  it's the other 20% inspiration that makes up 80% of the progress! 

More in the Membership Site

Discover some of the latest cooking gadgets that allow you to cook cleaner, faster, and healthier. Not to mention they are a lot of fun!

Cooking Tools 

Explore the emerging world of Holistic Cooking with top experts from the Holistic Cooking Academy!

Holistic Cooking

Our Fuzioneer Community enjoys special discounts, giveaways from our vendor partners, contests, individual interactions and more!


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