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Who is Jeffrey Matters?

Jeffrey is a natural motivator who went from 320 pounds to 225 pounds and is still pushing the limits of his potential.

320 Pounds!

With his infectious charisma and naturally vibrant positivity, you will be motivated to achieve your goals, all while enjoying your food more.

225 Pounds!

A platform for feeling good about yourself, inside & out

What does the Good Vibes Tribe have to offer Each Month?

Collectible 3 Oz Pepper Grinds 

Every month we will send you that month's pepper grind, specially formulated with custom labeling. These blends are collectible because they are often centered around current events, culture, and iconic personalities.

Recipes & Nutrition Guides

With each blend, we will include access to a fresh month of recipes with nutrition, cooking, and fitness guides!

Motivation Gifts, Prizes, & More!

Jeffrey and his team will ship you a new motivational sticker each month, keep you motivated with  videos and workouts, host contests, giveaway vendor gifts and more! 

About the Tribe

A Membership That Invites You To Collaborate

One of the things that sets us apart is a passion for our members. We want to embrace your ideas and build a membership that serves your highest expectations. So we are constantly asking the tribe what we should do to enhance the experience of this membership. 

It's amazing what we can accomplish collectively, when we commit to "Add New Spice To The Old Grind."

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Good Vibes 
Membership Site

Our membership site includes cooking tips, recipes, nutrition guides, and more!


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