Resealable Personal Packets (10 packets, 5 grams each)

allow you to take your favorite PepperFuzion blends with you anywhere you go... 

Hiking, RVing, Camping, Work, and more!

Add More Flavor To Food

We don't typically sprinkle herbs and spices on our food, like we do with salt and pepper. But when they're fuzed with pepper, they take on a whole new form and can be used everywhere!

Unique Flavoring That Pops

Pepper when fuzed with herbs & spices creates something special. It generates a whole new palette of flavors when added to your favorite foods, coloring them in a way that is tasty and exciting!

Mobility is Paramount

With Personal Packets you can take your favorite PepperFuzion blends with you to restaurants that no longer offer seasoning shakers on the table, or backpacking, fishing, hunting, or anywhere you want flavor!


Take a pinch of home with you...

A portable blend of your favorite spices blended with ground pepper will ensure any meal you eat away from home... is fuzed with a touch of home.


Packaged In Style 

Personal Packets are shipped in a PepperFuzion branded box that will look good in your cabinet, on the counter, tucked away in a backpack or in your car. 

pepper blend box


Customize your Packets

Our custom labels still apply to the packets.  You can personalize the label for others or yourself with your own image, blend name, and quotation.

                Label is fixed to the inside of the box.                             Watch video to see placement>>>

You Can Create a One-Time Purchase or...
Subscribe For Monthly Replenishments

During checkout of your Personal Packets blend,
receive a 25% discount when you subscribe to replenish those packets every 1, 2, or 3 months.