Discover a whole new palette with our Flavored Ground Pepper Blends! 

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With 5 blends each formulated for a specific category of your cooking and eating experience!

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Don't know how pepper blends will taste on your food? Our sampler kit is the best way to provide that insight!

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Our sampler kit includes 2 of each blend, a great way to share your PepperFuzion experience!


Custom Blends x 5

With 5 different blends, we offer a blend for each type of dining experience you might encounter. Any blend can be used on any food you like, but our custom blends offer you a starting point to discover how PepperFuzion can enhance your cooking and eating. 

The choice is yours!


 Fuzion Starter Kit 

Like what you see in the sampler kit or just want a great deal on the full size version? We offer the blends from our sample kit in full size jars too! 


Every month replenish your favorite blends!

Once you find the blend that brings your food to life, you dare not cook without it, and since can't find that blend anywhere else we got you covered! For only $9.97 a month (+shipping & tax,) we'll supply that aromatic flavor you've come to depend on, right to your mailbox! 

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Get Started Today Adding New Spice to the Old Grind!

PepperFuzion is unique because we personally cater to your palette.

By blending spices and herbs together with your choice of black, green, white, or pink peppercorns we create a completely new seasoning approach to use in your cooking. The pepper tends to soften its bite when we blend it, and becomes more of a catalyst between the herbs and spices.

 There's no way to describe in words what your sense of smell and taste palette will experience!

PepperFuzion is Revolutionary

What it takes to custom grind, package, and ship each blend is beyond what the typical spice supplier is willing to do, to provide you with your flavors your way. We are working hard to make this experience as amazing for you as it is for us, every time we Fuze our food with these great blends.
Come on-board and allow us to serve you and your tastes!